My Favorite Linux Distros

Well , my journey with Linux started few years back when I felt my old box was running out of resources to run Windows Xp.I was in search of a very light weight full featured OS with full GUI and which can run flawlessly on my old box. This is what led me to enter into the amazing world of linux computing.

My search was initially terminated when I found Puppy a merely 90 MB OS which is having all features nedded for home computing. I can simply make a portable persistance distro of it and carry it any where.It is a great tool for resuce and recovery when your box crashes for wahtever reason.When coming to a full featured Industry standard professional computing, I felt Puppy is not fullfiling my need. And another search began. And all my search really ended when I discoved the amazing Ubuntu, a life  saving drug for me.

The followings are my favorite linux distributions.

1. Ubuntu  I am loving it!.
2. Debian
3. Puppy
4. Mint
5. Damn Small Linux