Ubuntu I am loving it !!

There are countless reasons for me to fall in love with Ubuntu. It just works ans works out of box. Here I am trying to summerise some of the most important resons to love Ubuntu.

1. I am loving Ubuntu becoz it made learning linux as a,b,c... ( Atleat for dummies like me!)
2. Ubuntu is faster than any RPM based distro.
3. The debian based APT package management system is far better than any other package management systems. It is really easy for anybody. If you fear Terminal , just use Synaptic - the GUI for APT.Add your favorite PPA , Repository.Athenticate it. And then install install your favorite applications seamlessly.Ubuntu does what you tell it to do. Need an application? Tell it to download. Want to mess with your configuration files? Ubuntu figures you are an adult, and can deal with the consequences of your actions. It doesn't ask me whether I am sure 1000 times. It just does what you tell it to do.

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install my package

Want to install updates ?

$ sudo apt-get update && upgrade

4. 99.9% of your device drivers are automatically installed  and gets updated automatically with no pain.

5. You will never see a blue screen error.

6. Your graphics engine crashed . Simply reconfigure it. by a simple command from terminal.

$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg

7.No product  has been successfull without support. Here Ubutnu wins over  all others. The great people , great community and gerat wiki makes ubuntu unique.

8.Ubuntu is available in all three most famous desktop environments i.e GNOMe, KDE and XFE.

9. Ubuntu is evolving very fast. It is a true open source project.

10. And Finally Ubuntu is rock solid. and It is open to accept all new emerging computing standards.

Generally, Linux is not considered a gaming system. This is gradually changing, as independent developers continue to produce content, and broaden their purchasing base. Penny Arcade has released their latest game, at launch for the Linux OS. Like anything in the free market, the greater the purchasing base, the greater the chance that the game gets made.

Linux Driver Support: People consistently complain about Linux driver support, or a lack of support for their peripherals. With the latest release of Ubuntu, this practically became a non-issue. The only thing that I have to manually configure has been my built-in laptop webcam. I haven't done it, simply because I don't use it that often. That may be a deal-breaker for some. Other than that, driver support continues to improve, and in many cases, exceed Window's quality of support, with each release.

Folks all these are history today! Just have your Ubuntu and feel it yourself.!!!